18 - 19 June 2019
Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel - Barcelona


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Chairperson's Remarks


Welcome Address


Innovation at Scale


Our Planet is at Risk. Can we improve livelihoods and sustainability from space?


GRID3, Providing Better Denominators for Development Sector Work

Io Blair-Freese, Associate Program Officer - GD Strategy, Data & Analytics, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This session will introduce the Geospatial Reference, Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) Program, a partnership between UNFPA, WorldPop/Flowminder, CIESIN, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and DFID. GRID3 aims to collect sub-national data on boundaries, placenames, settlements, and populations, all of which are vital to a wide range of development and humanitarian objectives. These data are essential for needs assessments, planning and budgeting; equitable distribution of public resources and services; monitoring the incidence, prevalence and spatial transmission of disease; targeting interventions and tracking population trends to assess progress; natural resource protection and many other public functions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a simple way of linking many kinds of geospatially-referenced data and a highly intuitive way of communicating the results of data analysis, through a medium -- maps -- that allow decision-makers without data expertise to understand sophisticated and rigorous findings.


Networking Break


Location Intelligence in a Connected World


Title will be confirmed soon

Lorenzo Minelli, Head of Global Network Planning Optimization, Nokia


Maps – Key Enabler for Autonomous Vehicles

Herve Claus, Director MAPS Global Sourcing, TomTom


AI’s role in Delivering Next-Gen Maps

Mr. Ajay Balusu, Head of Maps Operations and Dr. Jaganathan – Head of Data Science, GRAB


Lunch Break

Lightning Talk | Lightning talk: A plethora of opportunities unlocked by a huge amount of EO data being available today

Grega Milcinsky, Co-Founder & CEO, Sinergise

12:45 - 13:00 | Takes place in exhibition area

Lightning Talk | Using the Hive Swarm to rapidly use the crowd to provide answers to your requirements

Alex Dunmire, Senior Director - Analytical Services, Maxar

13:05 - 13:20 | Takes place in exhibition area


Supercharged Solutions to Support Innovative Use Cases


What does the future hold for the European EO programmes?


Keeping Europe’s Borders Safe


Creating an Internet of the Sky and Earth for Sustainable and Profitable Farming

Dr. Srinivasu Papulla, Head of Digital Farming Initiative, Tata Consultancy Services

The intersection of the Sky and Earth are going to create tremendous opportunities in the world of farming leading the world closer to Sustainable and Profitable Farming at the micro level while ushering new paradigms in Food Security and Climate Risk Management at the macro level. AgSkyENet™ - the Internet of Sky and Earth – will be presented along with the revolutionary PRIDE™ model to showcase the grassroots level technology and business model innovations from the TCS Digital Farming Initiatives Group


Networking Break

Lightning Talk | Using a multi-sensor Approach to Identifying Persistent Change

Kyle Ellis, Senior Manager - Program Management, Maxar

15:30 - 15:45 | Takes place in exhibition area


Loohcal Media, Gloohbal Measurement

Daniel Cuende , Co-Founder & Innovation Manager, Cuende Informetrics

New information sources and disruptive technology has brought to Out-Of-Home media research new possibilities to demonstrate the power of a Media that is evolving with the rise of Digital and programmatic. Big Data, passive measurement, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and high-resolution commercial satellite images are now part of the research techniques applied in different countries. Discover the methodology and technology awarded by FEPE International, the Out-of-Home trade association.


Business Decisions based on Space-data

Luigi Scatteia, Director, PwC

Thanks to the increasing availability of satellite data and advancements in cloud computing and storage, the earth observation market is becoming more and more democratised. With applications across different sectors, both public and private, satellite data providers and analytics providers are ramping up their efforts to push their technology solutions to the stakeholders. However, there remains a huge and critical gap between the technology push and the market pull, that needs to be addressed for the market to understand the need and value of satellite data based insights. In this talk, Dr Luigi Scatteia, Director, PwC Space Practice will present how PwC's Insights from Space addresses this gap using tools such as data fusion, cloud solutions, scalable architecture and a use-case driven approach.


The Largest Clean Up in History

Bruno Sainte-Rose, Lead Computational Modeler, The Ocean Clean Up


Wrap up & Key Take Aways

17:00 - 19:30

Networking Reception

Join us for drinks & snacks on the top floor panoramic terrace with views over Palace Montjuic

Industries Innovating with Space Data & Analytics Humanitarian & Sustainability Defense & Intelligence The Most Robust Earth Observation Capabilities


Welcome Coffee


Geospatial Intelligence for Energy Markets

Deborah Humphreville, Director - Strategic Accounts, DigitalGlobe

Seeing a better World by Seeing the World Better

Rhiannan Price, Director - Global Development, DigitalGlobe

Mission Critical Geospatial Capabilities

Senior Representative, DigitalGlobe

The DigitalGlobe

Senior Representative, DigitalGlobe


The Energy Transition - so the future will be digital and electrical?

David Bamford, Director, Petromall

EO for Food Security Monitoring and Emergency Response

Fawad Raza, Regional GIS, Remote Sensing and Information & Knowledge Management Officer, World Food Programme

SecureWatch - The insight you need, when you need it

Future Constellations


Tools for the automation of powerline maintenance with remote sensing

Aurelio Garcia Rochera, Director - Geospatial Analytics & Victor Zaldo Fornies, Remote Sensing Project Manager - COTESA

Session details coming soon

Carrie Stokes, Chief Geographer & Director of the GeoCEnter, USAID (Invited)

Rapid Access - Intelligence on Demand

Earth Intelligence with AI, Machine Learning & Crowdsourcing


Harnessing earth observation to power the world's most detailed urban air quality models

Richard Flemmings, Operations Director, Tcarta

Geospatial for the SDGs

Superior ISR to Solve National Security Challenges

Geospatial Solutions for Location Intelligence Needs


Networking Break


Mobility-as-a-Service Powered by Earth Observation

Session title coming soon

William Porter, National Planning, Team Rubicon

Session details coming soon

EarthWatch - a time machine at your fingertips


Session details coming soon

Remote Sensing in International Human Rights Operations: Technical, Ethical, and Legal Challenges

Jonathan Drake, Senior Program Associate, AAAS

Session title coming soon

Leendert Bal, Head of Department Operations, EMSA

Radar Enabling Near Real-Time Applications


Telecommunications, Automotive and Civil Engineering - AW3D Global high resolution 3D enabling new use cases

Dr. Ken Tsutsui, Technical and R&D manager, AW3D - NTT Data

Urban Profiling in Remote Settings

Craig von Hagen, Regional Director - Jordan, iMMAP

Keeping EU's Borders Safe

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Secrets to Crunching Geospatial Big Data

Heath Rasco, Director, Technical Programs, Maxar


Session details coming soon

In Plain Sight

Richard Brittan, Co-Founder & Director, Alcis

Technology Research and Foresight for border security

Darek Saunders, Senior Research Officer - Research and Innovation Unit · Capacity Building Division, Frontex

High-Definition Imagery


Lunch Break


The next data wave in insurance markets

Digital Augmentation for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

Dr. Chandrashekhar Biradar, Head of Geoinformatics Units and Principal Scientist (Agroecosystems), ICARDA-CGIAR

Session details coming soon

Elevation Solutions


Earth Observation Unlocking Digital Transformation in Insurance Markets

Protecting forests from space with satellite imagery and AI

Indra den Bakker, CEO & Co-Founder,

Training the Machine. Educating the Human.

Building Footprints


EO in Financial Markets - The Dawn of a New Day

Geospatial analysis to support high-resolution population mapping

Heather Chamberlain, Enterprise Fellow, WorldPop Flowminder

Operationalizing AI & ML


Improving Risk Management with Earth Intelligence

WWF’s Space+Science activities for conservation from space

Aurelie Shapiro, Senior Remote Sensing Specialist, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Germany

Imagery Innovation for Multi-National Missions


Summary and Take Aways - Future Industries

Deborah Humphreville, Director - Strategic Accounts, DigitalGlobe

Summary and Take Aways - Humanitarian & Sustainability

Rhiannan Price, Director - Global Development, DigitalGlobe

Summary and Take Aways - Defence & Intelligence

Summary and Take Aways - Tools for the Future of EO



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