10 - 11 April 2018
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London


Registration & Coffee


Chairperson's Remarks

Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult


Welcome Address

Howard Lance, President and CEO, Maxar Technologies


Earth Observation. Evolved.

Dan Jablonsky, President, DigitalGlobe


Lowering the Cost of Knowledge

Jed Sundwall, Global Lead – Open Data, AWS

- How making Earth observation data available in the cloud allows scientists, researchers, startups and GIS professionals innovate without worrying about limitations of bandwidth, storage, memory, or processing power. 

- We’re entering an era of experimentation around sensemaking from massive data

- How working with data in a cloud environment is different"


Dynamic Mapping: Connected Sensors vs Smart Crowd

Andrey Strelkov, Director, Geo-Platform Solutions, Yandex


PwC Space Data Lab: Towards customer-centric space-based applications

Luigi Scatteia, Director - Space, Pwc


Networking Break

Lightning Talk | EarthWatch

Wendy Johnson, Director – Product Management, DigitalGlobe

10:35 - 10:50 | Takes place in exhibition area


ESA's EO Programmes and Applications - What do the next 5 years look like?

Stephen Coulson, Head of the Industry section, Directorate of Earth Observation Programs, ESA

This talk will outline how the ESA EO programmes will develop both innovation and opportunities specifically for the EO information services sector, taking account of the volatile magma of new IT technologies, new players and new finance that will re-shape the EO landscape over the coming years.


Transforming Insurance Through Aerial Insight

Christopher Sheldon, Senior Counsel, Global Chief Claims, Allianz


Maximizing the potential of Satellite Earth Observation for the economy, science and society

Beth Greenaway, Head of Earth Observations and Climate, UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency is seeking to ensure that the UK’s participation in Earth observation is as strong as possible and that satellite data it is recognised for the role it can play in delivering a sustainable service based economy.

Its vision is that by 2040 satellite Earth Observations will provide the data underpinning mass market and business applications, global cutting edge science and policy and operational decision making. 

This presentation will give examples of how the Agency activities seek to develop a broad and deep ecosystem of companies big and small dealing in the entire spectrum of earth observation issues from early research and technology development, through manufacture and launch, through the infrastructure and services needed to move, validate check and share and interpret the data into a format suitable for use.  Inspiring the new generation to attain the skills needed to fill the jobs that will be created in the UK is perhaps the most fun. 


Is there such a thing as 'too much data'?

Pacome Revillion, CEO, Euroconsult

The session will address:


  • How new sensors will support the new data ecosystem
  • Business growth indicators for the industry
  • Barriers and success factors to generating economic value from information in different verticals



Lunch Break

Lightning Talk | Optical + Radar

Mark Carmichael, Director, New Markets Business, MDA

12:45 - 13:00 | Takes place in exhibition area

Lightning Talk | Elevation

Kreg Barrett, Global Business Development Director, DigitalGlobe

13:05 - 13:20 | Takes place in exhibition area

Lightning Talk | Advanced Analytics

Danny Holloway, CTO – Agile Intelligence, Radiant Solutions

13:25 - 13:40 | Takes place in exhibition area


Solutions for our Rapidly Changing Planet

Amy Minnick, SVP & General Manager - Commercial, DigitalGlobe


Knowing the pulse: enabling decision making through EO

Andiswa Mlisa, Managing Director Earth Observation, SANSA

- The enabling environment for bringing EO to developing countries

- Understanding and responding to societal needs 

- Value of collaborations and partnerships


Digital Twins and why ‘open’ is the magic word

Dennis Lorenzin, VP Network Planning & Optimization, Nokia


Democratising the spatial Industry in the fourth industrial revolution – why partnerships matter

Dan Paull, CEO, PSMA Australia


Networking Break

Lightning Talk | Building Footprints

John-Isaac Clark, Senior Director – Product Management, DigitalGlobe

15:30 - 15:40 | Takes place in exhibition area


Developing Tools for Disaster Relief - Provision of Satellite Derived Products Both Before and After Hurricane Irma for Antigua and Barbuda

Richard Flemmings, Partner, Tcarta


Geospatial Data & Insight Driven Automation

Mike Hobday, VP and GM Automation, IBM


Harnessing the power of the crowd to drive AI Innovations

Daniel Holloway, CTO - Agile Intelligence, Radiant Solutions


Geospatial Intelligence in Support of European Defence and Security: Use Cases and Experience

Herve Touron, Deputy Head - Operations Divisions, European Union Satellite Centre

For the past 25 years, the EU Satellite Centre is providing geospatial intelligence products and services to a wide range of users within the European External Action Service and the EU Member States, varying from high-level decision makers in Brussels to mission commanders deployed on the ground.

The EU SatCen is facing a constant evolution in the nature and variety of analytical tasks as well as of technologies at its disposal. With a multidisciplinary and multinational workforce, one of the European Union Satellite Centre greatest challenge is to deliver accurate, timely and reliable GEOINT products and services based on the analysis of satellite imagery from commercial providers and governmental systems. Thus, it is crucial to have access in the shortest time to a suitable number of VHR images, with high quality performance such as maximum coverage and minimum revisit time.

This presentation brings to you a collection of some of the most significant stories highlighting the use of VHR Commercial Satellite Imagery in the preparation of GEOINT products and services in support of activities such as crisis situation assessment, humanitarian aid, critical infrastructure monitoring and cross-border monitoring.


ENGAGE 2018 Awards

17:30 - 19:30

Networking Reception


Welcome Coffee


Chairperson's Remarks

Shay Har-Noy, Vice President - Unified Platform, DigitalGlobe


Harnessing the Power of Optical & Radar

Mike Greenley, Group President, MDA


Strengths for the agriculture market of the Digital Globe & Vodafone partnership

David Lozano, Senior Business Development Manager - IOT, Vodafone | Adam Armer, Global LPWAN & Satellite Business Development Manager, Vodafone

- Introduction to the agreement

- Strengths of the solution for the agriculture market

- Collaborative model between expert partners in the agriculture arena


Spatial Processing redefined with SAP HANA

Hinnerk Gildhoff, Head of HANA Spatial and Graph, SAP


What’s New in the New Space Ecosystem

Daniel Carew, Investment Manager, Seraphim Capital

  • Brief overview of the Seraphim Space fund
  • An overview of the New Space Ecosystem
  • Current trends and anticipated future developments in New Space and the wider ecosystem 


Networking Break

Lightning Talk | Content Plan

Chris Formeller, Manager – Product Management, DigitalGlobe

10:35 - 10:50 | Takes place in exhibition area


Building Satellites for the Interconnected Future

Dario Zamarian, Group President, SSL


Slavery from Space

Prof Zoe Trodd, Director of The Rights Lab, University of Nottingham | Prof Stuart Marsh, Professor of Geospatial Engineering, University of Nottingham


From Pixel to Analytics: the 4th Geospatial Revolution

Federica Mastracci, VP Product Management, e-GEOS


Satellites Making the Skies Safer to Fly

Filip Arsov, CEO & Co-Founder, Synapse Aviation


Lunch Break

Lightning Talk | Multispectral/SWIR

Alex Gow, Manager – Sales Engineering, DigitalGlobe

12:45 - 13:00 | Takes place in exhibition area

Lightning Talk | GBDX Notebooks

John-Isaac Clark, Senior Director – Product Management, DigitalGlobe

13:05 - 13:20 | Takes place in exhibition area


Deepening the Evidence Base; Countering Fake News

Richard Brittan, Managing Director, Alcis

National policy and strategy development requires an effective evidence base for decision making. This is doubly so for fragile states where access to the realities on the ground is limited. In an era of ‘Fake News’, this evidence base needs to be all the more robust. One of the most robust and reliable sources of evidence is satellite imagery, where the multiple (temporal, spatial and spectral) resolutions of collected data offer a range of unique and confirmatory insights that few can challenge or ignore. 

Through the examples of UK Government and Research Councils UK projects covering conflict affected countries, Richard will illustrate innovative approaches to deepening the evidence and analysis conducted over complex environments for non-traditional users of satellite imagery. He will show how robust, evidence based, impactful research findings can be developed, when multiple resolutions of satellite imagery are used in concert with targeted, co-ordinated ground data collection. Due to the highly visual nature of the analysis, Richard will as well show how advocacy impact can be made considerably greater and how fake news can be more effectively countered. 


Artificial Intelligence Applications for Geospatial

Adrien Muller, Emerging Technology Lead in Business Innovation, Satellite Applications Catapult


Global Space Partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals

Lorant Czaran, Programme Officer, UNOOSA


Networking Break


Improving the humanitarian response in emergency settings

Jonas Herzog, GIS Coordinator, iMMAP


Understanding underinsurance from space

Alexis Smith, CEO, IMGeospatial

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