18 - 19 June 2019
Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel - Barcelona

ENGAGE 2019 Award Winners

Maxar would like to congratulate again the ENGAGE 2019 Award winners, who were presented their awards in Barcelona recognizing the importance of the role they play representing MAXAR solutions to their customers and who have demonstrated exceptional application and best practice. The awards were presented by both Dan Jablonsky President & CEO of MAXAR and Tony Frazier EVP, Global Field Operations and were given to Innoter ltd, Luxcarta International, Space Imaging Middle East, Hatfields Consultants Africa and Geoconsult International. All award winners received $10,000 in archive imagery.


Partner: Innoter Ltd

Using WorldView-2 and ground truth data, this partner was able to identify and classify 15 species of herbal plants with a reliability of more than 75% resulting in the award of conducting the same analysis for the country of Vietnam.

Partner: Luxcarta International

This partner provided data including 3D building models, clutter data including detailed vegetation and tree height and digital height models to a major Telecoms company for 64 cities for 5G network planning.

Partner: Space Imaging Middle East

This partner leveraged the power and compute available on GBDX platform to address a major municipalities concern relating to understanding change across their territory. Analysis conducted included feature extraction, change detection, illegal constructions and environmental impact providing a country wide baseline to operate and plan from.

Partner Hatfield Consultants Africa

This partner doubled the size and adoption of earth intelligence with a government customer by engaging and demonstrating the value space derived information can have to multiple agencies in country. This mutli-agency approach was further replicated leveraging cloud services to both broaden the usage and application to another government customer - addressing the issues of affordability and on-demand access.

Partner: Geoconsult International

This partner provided data to a government program aimed at addressing rural agricultural development and land reforms requiring countrywide mapping at the highest available resolution.